• Are you stressed managing suppliers?
  • Are their breaks in your supply-chain?
  • Do you want us to convert your data into actionable knowledge?
  • Are you overpaying for your supplies?
  • Have you missed the opportunity of low cost country sourcing?
  • Does your procurement department need help?
  • Can we supplement your procurement department with our analysts?
  • Are you at your vendor’s mercy?
  • Have you audited your key vendors’ credentials?
  • How can you increase your ROI through spend analysis?
  • Have you paid attention to your company’s category management lately?
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Supplier Due Diligence

Once the suppliers are shortlisted, we evaluate the credibility of the suppliers to see if they have the infrastructure, know-how, certifications, and policies in place to supply as per their proposal.

Supplier Compliance

A prospective supplier has to have the necessary licenses and be compliant with the required regulations to be a credible option. Brickwork's analysts have the technical background and the industry awareness to assess a supplier's compliance.

IP Audit

What measures does the prospective supplier have in place to ensure your product idea, specifications or production processes, essentially, your intellectual property are protected and not illegally siphoned? Our analysts will verify the business and production processes of the supplier to ensure they provide the utmost protection for your intellectual assets.

Supplier Risk Analysis

A supplier who is good on paper might not necessary be as good when the production begins. We counter this risk by conducting a thorough assessment of the supplier to understand any factors that might jeopardize the supplier's ability to deliver upon the requirement.

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