• Are you stressed managing suppliers?
  • Are their breaks in your supply-chain?
  • Do you want us to convert your data into actionable knowledge?
  • Are you overpaying for your supplies?
  • Have you missed the opportunity of low cost country sourcing?
  • Does your procurement department need help?
  • Can we supplement your procurement department with our analysts?
  • Are you at your vendor’s mercy?
  • Have you audited your key vendors’ credentials?
  • How can you increase your ROI through spend analysis?
  • Have you paid attention to your company’s category management lately?
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Supplier Selection

With the technical evaluation complete, you have decided you want to forge a business relationship with the supplier. We formalize the relationship by negotiating and executing the contracts. With the legal paper work in place, the supplier is on-boarded and the procurement commences.

Terms & Conditions Negotiations:

The terms of any deal should be preserved in a contract; this compels the supplier to deliver upon the promises. Our industry expertise helps us negotiate and put in place the optimum agreement between you and the supplier with strict liabilities for non-performance.

Sample Coordination & Approval:

Brickwork will carry out the production of a sample with the supplier once we have the detailed drawings and specifications for the product. This includes the coordination for a process method, sample, and final approval of the design for bulk manufacturing.

Suppliers Dashboard:

An objective dashboard will be created by Brickwork consisting of suppliers' pricing, delivery, and other key data for a detailed comparison.

Selection & Recommendation:

Who is the best supplier? Do you choose based on price quoted, capability, production processes, or their compliance history? Brickwork can recommend a supplier who matches your business and financial requirements based on an assessment of factors relevant to the particular product category and industry.

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